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Michelin Micro Tire Inflator
With a small size that easily fits in the glovebox, the Michelin Micro Tire Inflator is the perfect compressor for topping off your tires! Featuring an easy to read illuminated white LCD digital display, USB Power Port, and the generous 9 foot power cord, the Michelin Micro Tire Inflator is an ideal car care companion.

Michelin, A Better Way Forward
Michelin is an internationally recognized and trusted tire company. Michelin believes in uncompromising premium automotive products that are formed from the highest quality components; creating the absolute best all-around devices – The Michelin Micro Tire Inflator is precisely that.

Simple to Use
Plug the Michelin Micro Tire Inflator’s 12V cord into your vehicle’s DC Accessory Socket, attach the air hose to your tire’s fill valve, and press the yellow button on the front of the Michelin Micro Tire Inflator. Monitor the illuminated white LCD screen until the desired pressure is reached and then turn off the unit. It is that easy!

Utilizing a lightweight yet durable plastic case, the Michelin Micro Tire Inflator is compact and will fit nearly anywhere. Additional features include: built in braided air hose, bright illuminated LCD screen, DPS USB Power Port, readings in kPa/bar/PSI, and a detachable 9 foot power cord.

Safety on the Road
Tires that are not inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations are less safe to drive on. They can wear unevenly, cause handling issues, are damaged more easily, and decrease fuel mileage. Inflate your tires to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications, your safety depends on it.
Better Fuel Mileage
Did you know that under-inflated tires decrease fuel mileage and are unsafe to drive on? That’s right, properly inflated tires allow for better fuel mileage, are safer, handle better, and they last longer!

DPS USB Power Port
DPS or Digital Power Source technology is utilized to power your USB mobile devices. The Michelin Micro Tire Inflator features a 0.5A USB Power Port that can be used to charge electronic devices such as tablets, cellphones, drones, and more.

The LCD Display
The LCD display on the Michelin Micro Tire Inflator is not your ordinary LCD display. It is illuminated for easy viewing under low or no light situations, the letters & numbers are white in color for better contrast and easy reading in daylight, and the display is protected from damage.

Quick List of Features

  • Michelin Brand Quality
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Digital illuminated white LCD Screen
  • Built-in Air Hose
  • USB Power Port
  • Easy One-Touch Button
  • Detachable 9 foot Power Cord