100W Folding Solar Panel


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100W Folding Solar Panel
This panel works beautifully with our Lithium Cube 500 and Lithium Cube 1200 portable power supplies. This will take your PPS from a standalone unit to a true Solar Generator!

Anderson Connectors
The output cable of the solar panel features an Anderson Powerpole Connector. Anderson connectors are a universal design and are able to be used on any device with matching connectors or with an adapter (not included).

Easy to Use
Our Solar panel is a plug-and-play type of panel; simply plug in to your device, unfold, and you're ready to go.

Solar Panel Features
Our 100W solar panel is a high-quality semi-rigid panel that is flexible and able to withstand real-world use. Our panels are not those heavy, glass covered units that are easily damaged!
The whole unit folds in half for portability, has deployable legs to keep panel at optimal angle towards the sun, has a soft carrying handle, and has a small zippered storage case for cables, tools, and adapters (not included).

Build Quality
The panel is permanently attached to a rugged nylon case that folds up neatly and is secured with a hook & loop closure.


  • Solar eCase Generator (#8822)
  • Lithium Cube 500 (#8834)
  • Lithium Cube 1200 (#8836)
  • Any Anderson Powerpole equipped device