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Our industrial grade pure sine wave inverter is ideal for your senstive electronics and appliances around the home.

Elite Pure Sine Inverters
Wagan Tech’s Elite Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters are the pinnacle of inverter achievement that other inverters are judged by. Featuring a true Pure Sine Wave (the exact same power that comes out of your household wall outlet), wireless remote controlled power switch, Digital Display, and high output Terminals, the Elite Series by Wagan Tech are the very best.

Inverter Features
The most important asset of the Elite Pure Sine 2000W Inverter is the pure sine waveform that it outputs. Pure Sine Wave Inverters output the same clean and smooth power as your home’s wall outlet; leaving your devices to run quietly, efficiently, and correctly. The alternate waveform, modified sine waves, can cause issues with sensitive devices such as clocks, microwaves, printers, computers, lights, and refrigerators amongst other things.

Front Features
On the front of the Elite 2000W Inverter, you will see the 2 standard US 3-prong AC outlets, the power switch (On > Off), digital display, fault LED, and the mode LEDs. The mode LEDs illuminate according what information is being displayed on the digital display. To cycle through the modes, simply press the mode button (green) and the corresponding green LED will illuminate. The Mode choices are: Output Voltage, Input Voltage, and Output Power.

Rear Features
On the back side of the Elite 2000W Inverter there are two high-speed cooling fans and one Positive (red) DC Terminal and one Negative (black) DC Terminal. The fans are an essential part of the inverter as they are tasked with keeping the internal temperature cool to ensure a long service life and to maintain a high output efficiency of the inverter.

In your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, truck, Camper, tail-gating, work-truck, camping, kid’s soccer games, heavy equipment, or anywhere you need to turn DC (battery) power into AC (household) power is where the Elite 2,000 Watt Power Inverter will shine! 2,000 watts of pure sine power means that you can run your appliance without worry of the Elite 2,000 Watt Power Inverter letting you down like lesser inverters. Blender, TV, gaming systems, refrigerator, microwave, computer, cooking appliances, and other household electronics are all able to be powered!*

The Benefits of Pure Sine Wave vs. Modified Sine Wave
Modified Sine Waves (MSW) are not smooth, flowing waves. Rather, they present a wave form that has steep crests followed by a sharp plateau and then a steep trough; that is why MSWs are also known as “Square Waves”. As you can see in the comparison chart below, the Pure Sine Wave is a smoother, more constant and flowing wave form.

Why does the output sine wave matter?
For today’s sensitive electronics, it makes a huge difference. Pure Sine Waves (PSW) allows these electronics to run cooler (less cycling), cleaner, and with less noise. PSW is the output form that comes from the AC Wall outlet in your house and is the most clean. Additionally, some electronics and appliances simply will not operate on a Modified Sine Wave.

Sample items that will not operate on an MSW are: some laptops, printers, coffee makers, dimmers, digital clocks, fluorescent lights, fans, microwaves, drills… the list goes on. MSWs can also over-heat some devices and potentially lead to the device’s shortened lifespan. If you want clean, smooth, and the most pure sine wave attainable while keeping the noise down, the Wagan Elite™ series of inverters should be your top choice!

TrueRated Power™
TrueRated Power is Wagan Tech’s coined term for truth in advertising and performance. While actual output wattage of competitor’s inverters varies greatly, Wagan Tech inverters help consumers to understand and trust that the number printed on the inverter is the actual output of the device.

Nearly all of Wagan Tech’s Inverters feature TrueRated Power. Simply put, our inverters are tested at full load and will sustain that continuous load for 24 hours.

For example, our Elite 400 Watt Pro Inverter will run for 24 hours straight with a 400 Watt load. Our competitors claim “continuous wattage” when in fact most are only rated at 20 minutes of “continuous” wattage. After 20 minutes, the competitor’s output wattage will drop down by as much as 25% of their claimed wattage (in a 400 watt inverter, that can be a 100 watt loss!).

Wagan Tech builds our inverters with high peak surges that allow up to 3x the continuous rating to support high surging appliances such as tools, microwaves, air conditioners and refrigerators. Wagan Tech uses top quality components and reliable MOSFET transistors – the key factor in reliable inverter manufacturing.

Quick List of Features

  • 2,000 Watts of continuous TrueRated Power
  • 4,000 Watts Peak Surge
  • Pure Sine Waveform
  • 2 – Standard USA 3-prong AC Outlets
  • Wireless Remote (Power Switch)
  • LED Digital Display
  • Built-In Safeties (Automatic)
  • Reinforced Mounting Points

Is this the Right Inverter for You?
If you are having trouble deciding which inverter is right for your power needs or are having trouble understanding the confusing inverter wording, check out our inverter blog to help get a better grasp on what it is that you are looking for!

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