Partnering with Sirona Cares Foundation

Posted on 7/30/2012 by Wagan Tech

HAYWARD, Calif. Wagan Corporation® is pleased to announce that they have joined forces with the Sirona Cares Foundation. Sirona Cares is a non-profit organization that whose mission is to bring sustainable energy and sustainable economies to rural communities in Haiti. Instead of offering electricity as a handout, Sirona rents portable battery kits to households. This allows these families to not only provide electricity to their families but also start their own businesses including phone charging, lighting for events and emergencies. As stated in World Magazine, entitled "Lighting Up Haiti" Lex Edme, a 47 year old pastor in Haiti approves the business model of Sirona stating: “when you give somebody something for free, they feel like, ‘well I can get it anytime I want to.’ But paying for it gives them a sense of ownership.”

When Wagan Corporation learned of Sirona, they were immediately intrigued. “Our goal for the Solar e Power Cube® was always to provide power to those in need in places where power is not readily available,” stated Alex Hsu, Vice President of Sales. “We were drawn in by the work that Sirona had already accomplished and wanted to be a part of it,” Soon after reading the article in World Magazine, Product Development Manager Lance Kotsubo and Alex Hsu met with the Organization and donated 24 units of the Solar e Power Cube®, totaling nearly $30,000. These units will be used to provide power in villages where their trailer-mounted systems are unable to go. Since the roads are inaccessible by vehicle, each Solar e Power Cube will be transported by donkey.

In addition to the donation, Wagan is also working on another project with Sirona and IEEE which involves creating smaller battery kits for their Sunblazer Project. They are currently making plans to take the success of this project to Africa. “Sirona has a goal of reaching 1 million people within 5 years,” stated product manager, Lance Kotsubo. “We want to be a part of that venture.”

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