Wagan Tech Sponsors Napa Auto Parts NASCAR Team

Posted on 6/30/2017 by Justin G.

HAYWARD, Calif.—(Wagan Corporation)-- Wagan Tech® has partnered with NAPA Auto Parts Mexico (NAPA Racing Partes Mexico) to sponsor the #12 NAPA Auto Partes NASCAR piloted by Hector Gonzalez Jr. Hailing from Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico, Hector is only 32 years old yet already holds a distinguished racing career.

Hector is a veteran of the sport and has been racing since 2002 where he raced in the Super Karts Cup Series. In 2010, Hector entered the NASCAR Mexico Stock V6 Series where he continued to race until 2013 when he entered the NASCAR Toyota Series, Stock V8 class. Hector is currently racing in the 2017 NASCAR PEAK Challenge series.


Wagan Tech is proud to be supporting such a great race team!
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Hector Gonzalez Jr.

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