Which inverter should I get – Pure Sine or Modified Sine?

Posted on 3/6/2018 by Justin G. (Marketing)

There is a question that is nearly as old as inverters themselves: “Which inverter should I get – Pure Sine or Modified Sine?” The following will help you to clearly answer that question.

I’m going to make the assumption that you already know the difference between Pure Sine Wave (PSW) and Modified Sine Wave (MSW), so I’ll skip the differences between the two – if you need that info, see our other blog here! The really BIG question comes down to what you need the inverter for. Continue to read on.



Before we start, you need to answer a few simple questions:

• Are you using the device often (daily) or temporarily?

• What are your power requirements in watts (now and in the future)? Pro Tip: take a look at your device; power consumption will be listed in watts or amps on its label.

• Are any of the device(s) you need to power “sensitive” electronics: electric motors, computers, dimmer switch controlled, medical devices, clocks, heaters, audio/video equipment, hairdryer, pellet stove, tool chargers, or adjustable temperature devices?


Take a look at this flow chart:

As you can see, Pure Sine Wave Inverters are the best choice for all situations as they can run all of your electronic devices and produce the cleanest and most efficient waveform. Now you’re probably asking, “If PSW is so good, then why do Modified Sine Wave Inverters even exist”? Price.

Even though MSW Inverters cost less compared to PSW Inverters, the price gap between PSW and MSW Inverters is closer than ever! Take a look at our newest generation of PSW Inverters, the Pure Line Series.


Regarding MSW Inverters

If you’re on a tight budget, MSW Inverters may be the right choice for you. Although they are cheaper, MSW Inverters are not always compatible with all devices and tend to make electronics cycle faster; this causes more heat build-up and less efficiency. If you aren’t using a “sensitive” electronic device as listed previously, then a MSW Inverter can be a good choice for your power needs. MSW Inverters are also great choices for those who only need to power non-sensitive electronics on occasion.

For those who use inverters daily, we suggest a Pure Sine Inverter to ensure all electronic devices operate smoothly and efficiently.

The Take-away

By now, you should have a pretty strong grasp of PSW vs. MSW Inverters and the benefits of each type. For all applications, the Pure Sine Inverter is the best solution as it replicates utility-grade power and allows devices to operate as the manufacturer intended.


Last Thought

I’m not trying to dissuade you from buying a MSW Inverter; they are a budget friendly and effective alternative to PSW Inverters…and we sell tons of them every year to satisfied consumers like you (I use them myself!). Although not able to be used in every situation, the MSW Inverter can work in most applications even with some of the “Sensitive” electronics listed earlier.

With the latest advancements in inverter manufacturing and as technology progresses, we will continue to produce high quality inverters at reasonable prices; our Pure Line Series of PSW Inverters are a perfect example of that balance and our commitment to you. When in doubt or when you want the very best, go Pure Sine!



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