Wagan Tech's Dex featured on the Wendy Williams show

Posted on 8/11/2015 by Justin, Wagan Consumer Marketing

Recently our Solar eCharger™ Dex (#8324) was featured on the Wendy Williams show as a "Summer Essential" item!

No matter what you are doing, if you are outdoors you are likely using your phone to take pictures, talk, or play games. There aren't many outlets around when you are at the beach, park, or hiking along the trails, but you are in luck! The sun is out and offers an abundant amount of free energy to charge your devices! The Dex Solar eCharge will charge most of your mobile devices and can operate many USB powered devices like fans and LED light strings; your imagination is the limit!
The Dex Solar eCharger is the perfect companion to your repertoire and has a built in stand and light to make this a summer essential item!
Wagan Tech makes your life more comfortable and convenient! Link to Wagan Tech's Solar eCharger Dex


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