How to Leave a Product Review

Posted on 4/9/2018 by Justin G. (Marketing)

We want to know what you think! Here's our simple step-by-step guide of how to leave a product review on


At the top of any webpage, there is a white seach box.
Click inside of that box and type in the product part number or description, then press enter or the "go" button.
For this example we're going to use our Power Dome NX2 (item #2485-9).
I searched "Power Dome NX2" in the search box as seen below.




Once you press enter or the "go" button, it will take you directly to the item, or a selection page.
Click on the product you own from the selection page.



Now that you've clicked on your product image, you are on the product page.
Just below the pictures is a gray box, click on the word "Reviews" in that gray box.




Click on the "Write a Review" wording, once that is clicked a simple form is used to accept your feedback!




That's it! Once you've filled out the form, it will be submitted to the website.




If you are having trouble, or simply have a comment, question, or anything else related to our products, please call 1.800.231.5806 or email us!


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