Porsche "Dead Battery - Hood Won't Open" Problem Solver

Posted on 5/11/2016 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)

For Porsche Carrera, 911/996/997, Boxster, Cayenne, and other models ranging from 1997-2004 there is an inherent design flaw where the electric hood will not open when the battery is dead.

Self-Charge Auto Jumper


To combat this issue, it is recommended to remove the front left wheel to access the emergency hood latch.
Really? Remove the front wheel to open the hood?!


We have a simpler, cleaner, and easier solution: the Self-Charge Auto Jumper.
Simply plug the Self-Charge Auto Jumper into the DC accessory socket of your vehicle, turn the device on, and wait. No messing with tools, removing tires, getting dirty, or anything difficult; just plug in and wait!

A few minutes later, the car battery will have enough juice to open the hood! No mess, no fuss, and certainly no removing wheels!


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