Out West with Chris reviews the Michelin XR1 (Video)

Posted on 11/26/2018 by Justin Gray

Chris from "Out West with Chris" just published his review of the just-released Michelin XR1! 

Here are some excerpts of what he had to say:

"What this is really notable for is the ability for this unit, which isn't that heavy or big, to jumpstart a car"

"this rubberized stuff (outer rubberized treatment) is going to be pretty sturdy... really well constructed"

"everything is all bundled up and packed into one serious package right here... with the AC outlets you can power up to 200 watts of electronics"

It's time for you to stop reading this blog and start watching the video below!



The original video can be seen on Chris's Youtube channel here:
Out West with Chris - Michelin XR1: Portable Power, Jump Starter, Radio, Air Pump!

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