Just Released: 3 Incredible Automotive Accessories

Posted on 11/17/2016 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)

We're proud to announce three new additions that round out our already robust Automotive Accessory line-up!

Earlier this year we announced the arrival of our Companion HT 3.4 dual AC and DC charger that was an instant hit with our customers!

Now we're unveiling 3 new items for Fall 2016: the 12V Quick-Set Inflator/Compressor, 12V Auto-Power Vacuum and the 12/24V DC Socket Extension Cord! 

Wagan Tech - Air Compressor - Inflator - QuickSet - dial adjustment

12V Quick-Set Inflator/Compressor

Our new compressor has a quick set dial around the air pressure gauge. Simply turn the dial to your desired air pressure and turn the device on. One the desired air pressure is set, the compressor will automatically turn off! The air hose, chuck, DC cord, and inflator accessories are all built into the high visibility yellow case; making storage neat and easy. With 3 SMT LED lights built into the front, you'll have light when you need it most! See the 12V Quick-Set Inflator/Compressor here.



Auto-Power Vacuum

Far from your ordinary 12 volt car vacuum, the New Auto-Power Vacuum boasts 100 watts of power! Gone are those clumsy and weak vacuums of yesteryear, this new generation has the power you need with the easy clean-up that you want! Included are the crevice tool with brush to help get into those tight spots. The performance way to clean your vehicle's interior has just arrived! See it here!



Wagan Tech - Power - 12V/24V DC Socket Extension - cigarette plug extension

12V/24V DC Socket Extension Cord:

This isn't some miracle extension cord, however it is 12 extra feet of heavy gauge 12V or 24V DC socket extension amazingness! You can use this with your Quick-Set Compressor Inflator, the Auto-Power Vacuum, or any 12 volt or 24 volt DC powered item. The perfect solution for Trucks, RVs, trailers, cars, tent camping clean-up, or those hard to reach areas! For more info, click here!

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12V Quick Set Inflator Compressor

12V Auto-Power Vacuum

12/24V DC Socket Extension Cord

Quick-Set Compressor Inflator

Companion HT 3.4

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