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Posted on 8/29/2017 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)

Remember when solar power was snickered at? Now, huge companies like Google, Tesla, even BP are betting on solar. If you’re not quite ready to replace your primary power with solar electricity, why not use solar electricity to replace your back-up power?

The Wagan EL2546 Solar eCube 1500 has more power than the Goal Zero but not quite enough to carry your home through an emergency.

It could be used to make camping very comfortable, or give you just enough to keep radios and phones well charged for an extended power outage. If you need to run a single heavy draw item, like a fridge or a small microwave, you could do it if that was the only thing attached to it.

The beauty of the Wagan is how compact and self-contained it is. Panels, battery, inverter, and cables all stow neatly in it. It looks like a large cooler.


The Wagan hits a sweet spot between capability and price. Like the Goal Zero, it can be charged off house power or the solar panels. It’s design allows for you to add on to it. That gives you so many more options.

The base unit could be your go-to generator for camping. Keep a few extra batteries at home, and you can hook those up to it to get you easily through small emergencies. Add extra panels for even faster charging when the power is down.

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by: Guy McDowell

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