JumpBoost Battery - Specifically Designed for Jump Starting

Posted on 10/24/2016 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)

JumpBoost Batteries – what sets them apart?

While “normal” batteries are fine for starting vehicles in good condition, jump starting a vehicle with a deficient battery requires a high current discharge that a normal battery is unable to provide. The batteries in our JumpBoost line are specifically designed for Jump starting. With thicker lead plates and robust wiring/soldering, they can adequately provide the high output that your vehicle needs.

A Battery Designed for Jump Starting

Our specially designed batteries feature thicker lead plates than traditional SLA batteries and the soldered joints, wiring, and terminals are oversized to produce optimal current transfer between batteries. Even our upgraded switch has been developed to allow maximum amperage transfer across its surface!

A Better Jumper Pack

Even if a battery is able to handle the task, it is limited by the size (gauge) of wiring applied to it as well as any contacts that it makes along the way (switches, terminals, etc.). The engineers behind the JumpBoost line have a deep understanding of electrical circuits and know how to apply their craft to ensure that the maximum amount of current is able to be safely applied from the jump starter to your vehicle. The safety switch, wiring, and everything in between has been scrutinized and upgraded to allow each ounce of power to be safely squeezed out of the unit. What we have designed is a highly efficient device that is smaller and lighter than the competition!

Take a look at our new JumpBoost line and prepare for the road ahead.


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