iOnBoost Batteries vs. Similar Products

Posted on 12/1/2015 by Justin Creative-Marketing

Wagan Tech's iOnBoosts are Safer

On the surface, many competitors’ products look similar to Wagan Tech’s iOnBoost V6 (7501) & iOnBoost V8 (7502). What separates Wagan Tech’s  iOnBoost V6 & V8 from the other copies in the marketplace is the safety and testing procedures that we put into every device, our battery, and our quality control personnel at the factory that inspect each lot.

Our Batteries: Tested and Approved

At the heart of the iOnBoost V6, iOnBoost V8, & the iOnBoost V10 (7506) are their batteries. The batteries are the workhorses of the iOnBoost V6 & V8 and are tested in extreme conditions to be certain that they can withstand common and unconventional issues including: Over-Charge, Over-Voltage, Reverse polarity, Thermal shock, Immersion, Crush, Impact, and Anti-sparking (short circuits).  Our batteries are required to meet our strict standards; otherwise they will not be accepted for use in our products... period.

Competitor's Products

Our competitors will ship thousands of their units without giving a thought about the safety of their customers. Like you, we have loved ones and want to ensure their safety. Wagan Tech products are quality checked and tested regularly to ensure they meet government standards and, more importantly, our higher testing standards. Backed by outstanding Customer Service representatives in the United States, Wagan Tech offers an outstanding product that their employees are proud to stand behind. 

Wagan tech battery safety testing


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