Customer Question: Refrigerated Truck Inverter running on batteries alone?

Posted on 3/2/2016 by Jack C. (Professor Jack)

Customer: I have an ice truck that will be running an air conditioning compressor. I have the Wagan Tech 10,000 Watt MSW Inverter and wanted to know about running the air conditioning directly off of a battery when the engine is off while making deliveries (less than 1 hour).

Other specs are:
Cooling Amps 16@110 VAC or 1800 watts or 180A@12VDC
Run Time up to 12 Hrs
Defrost cycle 800 Watts 0r 7.5 Amps@110 VAC or 80 Amps@12VDC

ice truck wagan tech

Planning for Worst case power operating compressor on battery power alone for 1 hr = @ 200 amp hrs


Wagan Tech:

1-Recommended 375 to 400 Amp Hr battery bank at 12 VDC to preserve inverter battery bank life (deep discharges kill battery life).

2-Suggest an aftermarket 275 Amp alternator (at minimum)

3-Use a battery isolator that can handle maximum high amps.

4-Isolator separates two charge paths – one to starting battery, second path to inverter deep cycle battery bank.

Can use something like three Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle 12v 125ah for total of 375Ah because these can be located inside the cargo area. I doubt there is enough space for three large batteries.

What is left to figure are DC cables from isolator to battery bank and cables from battery bank to inverter.

Gauge is based on amps and cable length.

Be sure to locate batteries and inverter outside of the refrigerated area (in a protected/ventilated area) to avoid electronic damaging humidity.

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