Top 5 Budget-Friendly Tech Gifts for Father’s Day 2017 !!

Posted on 6/1/2017 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)


Ties Are Out, Tech Is In! Here are the top 5 products for Father’s Day 2017

Do you really want to give Dad that perfect gift this year? Don’t buy him a useless neck tie or some cheap cologne; get his something he can really use!



The number one gift on our list is the compact, do-it-all 300A Battery Jumper: Power supply (12V DC & USB), Air Compressor, Jump Starter, and flashlight! A complete package at a price that won’t break the bank!
Only $39.95!**




Coming in at number two is the new SlimLine 1500W Power Inverter. Use your household appliances with your vehicle’s battery power! What Dad wouldn’t want to power his TV, game console, blender, CPAP machine, or other wall outlet (AC) appliances while outdoors?
All Inverters are 25% Off* - Use code: DAD2017 at checkout!




A great item in the number three position is little brother of the SlimLine 1500W Inverter: the SlimLine 500W Inverter. The same basic function, but with the capability of handling up to 500 watts… who couldn’t use extra power?
All Inverters are 25% off* - Use code: DAD2017 at checkout!



Item four is an essential for anyone who enjoys camping; the #Camplites line of camping lanterns! With both rechargeable and alkaline battery models + Dome & Pop-up Lantern configurations, you’ll certainly brighten his Father’s day!
25% off all #Camplites - Use code: DAD2017 at checkout!




Last, but not least, is item number 5 on our list. Like the #Camplites before these, handheld portable lighting is useful in any situation where light is needed: on the side of the road, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, or just walking the dog around the neighborhood.
25% off entire handheld/portable lighting - Use code: DAD2017 at checkout!




*Excluding pure sine models
**Limited to quantity on hand
***Special Pricing is only for the Father’s Day promotion which ends on 06/18/2017 at 12:00 midnight. Must use code: DAD2017 (case-sensitive) at checkout on to take advantage of the special pricing.

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