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Posted on 9/20/2017 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)

In light of the recent events in Mexico, we should take a long, hard look at our earthquake preparations and plans… especially since we’re on the San Andreas AND Hayward Faults. (excerpt from a Wagan Internal Memo)


“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” –Abraham Lincoln



Don’t believe that it can’t happen to you… it can. If you are the head of your household, you should provide a plan and kit for all of the people under your care.



At Home

Check structure in and out and look for weaknesses such as cracks, broken posts, sagging foundation, or pre-existing damage. If you are unsure, have a professional inspect it. Don’t forget to secure loose, heavy, or unstable fixtures such as: furniture, shelving, water heaters, TVs, mirrors, pictures, etc.



Create an Emergency Kit

Everyone will have different needs, but the basics are food, water, medicine(s) (both prescription and basics like aspirin), first aid kit, flashlight (our USB rechargeable Pop-Up Lantern is ideal), batteries, small portable radio, fire extinguisher, matches/lighters, knife, rope/cord, tools (like a wrench, pliers, gas shut-off), tape, toilet paper, hygiene supplies, cash, and other essentials. You must take small children and the elderly’s needs into consideration if you have them in your care. Kits should be assembled to survive for at least 3 days on your own.



In the Car

If your car is immobile, our FRED light LED road flare is a great way to add visibility. In the event you are stuck in your car or forced to travel by foot, you should create a "get-home backpack". In the very least, your backpack should include:

  • • Energy Bars (long-shelf life)
  • • Water
  • • Battery bank (for cellphone) + charging cables
  • • Flashlight (Pathfinder Spotlight)
  • • Lighter
  • • First Aid Kit
  • • Jacket/Gloves/Socks
  • • Medicine(s)/Prescriptions
  • • Whistle
  • • Knife
  • • Walking shoes (if you wear heels/footwear that can’t be comfortably traveled in for any measurable distance)



At Work

All of the same items as the car list, just at your desk and easily accesible.



During the Event

We have large desks, GET UNDER THEM! If you’re outside, get away from buildings and anything else that can fall (power lines, trees, streetlights, etc.). Warehouse staff should seek cover away from stacked pallets and other items that can fall.

DON’T PANIC, try to stay calm and level-headed

  • 1) DROP under the nearest cover (table, desk, etc.)
  • 2) COVER your body and protect your head
  • 3) HOLD on to your cover. The violent shaking may make your cover overturn.



After the Event

Meet at the designated location outside of the building, in the front parking lot IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO!.
Do a head-count to ensure everyone made it out safely. Be aware of aftershocks!
Usually texting people is better than calling them as the phone lines will be overwhelmed.

For power needs, the Solar Cube solar generator and a portable power supply such as the Power Dome NX2 can be used. The Solar Cube is the recommended power source as it can be easily recharged by the sun.



Important Notes

DO NOT wait to make a plan or gather supplies. Earthquakes strike without warning; you do not want to be wishing you had a plan after an event occurs.

DO NOT rely on others to help you, HELP YOURSELF, RIGHT NOW!




Fred Light
Solar Cube
Power Dome NX2
Pop-Up Lantern
Dome Lantern
Pathfinder Spotlight


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