#Camplites Appear on National TV!

Posted on 5/25/2017 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)

Our #Camplites series of outdoor lanterns have been welcomed with open arms within the camping and outdoor communities since their release in late 2016.



Loved By All


The #Camplites Dome and Pop-up Lanterns are constantly being talked and raved about for their durability, bright light output, and versatility of use (from the magnets, rechargeable battery, to the hanging hooks); they have received 100% positive feedback from all users.


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National Notoriety


This notoriety has not gone unnoticed; local TV stations have caught on to the growing trend of multi-function LED outdoor lights and have run stories on our #Camplites! We've seen TV stations across the nation showcasing our #camplites; from Las Vegas, NV to as far away as Chicago, IL!


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The All-In-One Lighting Solution


If you're looking for a light that is as capable camping as it is around the house, you must consider the #Camplites line as your go-to light for all of your illumination needs!


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Wagan Tech - Lighting - Bright Nite Dome Lantern - hanging hooks

Dome Lantern

Wagan Tech - Lighting - Dome Lantern - USB - usb cable

Dome USB Lantern

Wagan Tech - Pop-Up Lantern Flashlight - open

Pop-Up Lantern

Wagan Tech - Pop-Up Lantern USB - charging

Pop-Up USB Lantern



Video from the Airings


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