Camping Essentials & Tips for 2017

Posted on 3/30/2017 by Justin G. (Consumer Marketing)

We want your 2017 camping season to be great; here are a few helpful tips and ideas to make you next outdoor adventure one to remember!



What to Bring

•Tent •Sleeping Bag •Stove
•Tent Footprint •Sleeping Pad •Cookware
•Tent Repair Kit                •Pillow •Utensils
•Tent Stakes •Tent Lighting •Firestarter
•Hammer •Clothes •Wood
•Tarp •Toiletries •Propane
•Water •Sunscreen/Repellant                 •Shovel
•BackPack •Toilet & T.P. •First Aid
•Solar Charger •Towel •Table & Chairs
•Flashlight •Medicine •Food
•Headlamp •Permits (Fire/Camp) •Power Supply
•Cellphone •Tools/Knife  •Toys/Games


Of course this list is not comprehensive and will need to be altered depending on where you camp + expected weather forecasts. Be sure that you bring any medications that you are required to take, and bring more than enough water for everyone in your party.



Tips for a Great Adventure

Tent UpKeep:

• Place tent on a footprint (tarp) and be sure it is a flat surface. I like to bring a small rake with me to clear away pine needles, bark, rocks, under-growth, etc.
• If your tent has tie-lines, place them where people won't trip on them (wrapping the lines with foam "pool noodles" works great for visibility!)
• Keep the inside of the tent clean and dry

• A small hand broom makes easy work of cleaning the inside of the tent
• A large duvet or quilt on the tent floor makes great insulation and padding
• Let the tent "air-out" while you pack up camp so you don't get mold or mildew


Around Camp:

• Stay organized - Large stackable containers are a great way to pack and store gear
• Create a safe burn area around your fire pit - here is another use for that rake!
• Keep camp clean. Keep trash out of reach of critters, food away from bears!

• Pack out what you bring in! Never discard your trash anywhere else but an approved trash receptacle. Don't Litter!
• Be sure to extinguish all flames prior to leaving - this includes stoves and lanterns
• Leave the place better than you found it.



Wagan Tech Gear

Like you, we love ♥ the outdoors! We use the very same products that we sell; it helps us to understand, evaluate and test all of our products. Here are some of my must-have products for camping:

Absolute Necessity:

Solar Panel 18W - Without a doubt, this is my favorite item. I can charge my phone, tablet, GPS, and power my 10" 12V DC fan... all from the free energy of the Sun! It will also charge my #CampLites!

#CampLites - With a Dome Lantern in the Tent and the Pop-Up Lantern/Flashlight in hand, you really don't need any other lights while camping.

SlimLine Inverter - By simply attaching to my truck battery, I have 120V AC power anywhere I need it (the same as your house's wall outlets). Perfect for box fans, tools, and a blender!


Indispensable Items:

JumpBoost Power Supply - Being in remote areas, it's nice to have peace of mind. The JumpBoost has 12V DC power, jumper cables, and an air compressor to ensure that I don't get stranded.

12/24V DC Extension Cord - This is a great way to extend the reach of your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket!

• Quick-Set Compressor - A must have for my truck (especially my trailer) tires - just turn the dial to the desired pressure, turn the compressor on, and the tires will air up on their own (and the compressor will automatically shut-off!). It's a win-win.




I have included a short list of great resources that you can use to help you find and be safe on your next adventure!


Bureau of Land Management (BLM)              National Park Service (NPS)
U.S. Forest Service (USDA) Free CampSites
Your State's Park Service Your Local County Park



Get Outside and Enjoy the Outdoors!
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