Pure Line Inverters unveiled at AAPEX 2017 Show

Posted on 11/1/2017 by Justin G. (Marketing)

We came. We saw. We conquered.
The new Pure Line Inverter series were unveiled at the 2017 AAPEX show in Las Vegas, NV and were met with intrigued eyes.
Promised to be smaller, efficient and better looking than anything else in the market, the new Pure Line Inverters deliver on those promises.


Features of all Pure Line Inverters include:

• Pure Sine Wave
• 3-prong NEMA-15 AC Receptacles
• GFCI (internal)
• Conformal Coating
• 2.1A USB Power Port
• TrueRated Power
• Safety Protections
• True Ground (NTG Bonded)
• Solid Mounting


”From the ground up is the way that our new Pure Line Inverters have been built", said Lance Kotsubo, Wagan's VP and R&D Lead. "Born from an idea to make compact and efficient Pure Sine Wave Inverters that not only looks good, but performs great"; the new Pure Line Inverter will change the way that you look at PSW Power Inverters.

Where did the idea come from? Inspired from the best parts of our popular Elite™ & SlimLine™ series of inverters, the Pure Line offers the clean pure sine wave from the Elite Series while retaining the good looks and compact size of the SlimLine Series. This is the pinnacle of inverter technology; the best of the best combined into a single unit.

Want more info on the Pure Line Series? Click here to see all models!





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