Taiwan's Fire Department Adopts the new FRED Light PRO

Posted on 1/5/2018 by Justing Gray

We just received word that the Taoyuan City Government Fire Department/Ambulance Service has adopted our FRED Light PRO as their go-to emergency warning and safety device.

Translated from Taiwanese by google translate:

The number of people in this Municipality has been increasing year by year, reaching about 2.19 million nowadays. The demand for emergency ambulances is also increasing. The number of ambulance cases (calls for service) has increased at a rate of 4.95% annually. In the case of increased ambulance (calls for service), frequent attendance (calls) and complex traffic conditions (congestion), accidental driving (poor driving) or invalidity of ambulances (inattention) by road users often cause firefighters to be injured or have a car accident due to their ambulance service.

 In order to prevent and enhance the safety of firefighters in carrying out emergency ambulance service, the Fire Services Department has compiled a budget of about $6 million with the support of the mayor and the City Council to procure new equipment such as rescue kits, vests and LED emergency lights.

The new Rescue Jacket and Vest not only provide waterproof, breathable and windproof features, but also comply with the safety regulations of CNS 15909 High Visible Garment. The design adds orange fluorescent material and increases the number and area of the reflective strips Torso and sleeves to ensure that road users can see from both directions to increase the warning and safety of firefighters during their emergency ambulance service during daytime, nighttime or any weather conditions.

 On the other hand, the purchase of emergency LED warning light (Wagan Tech FRED Light PRO), which uses a powerful magnet can be adsorbed (attached) to the ambulance or ambulance equipment in any position, can also be linked to the double hook hanging on the first aid stretcher or ambulance, 360-degree warning effect, and visible Up to 1 mile away improves visibility of road users (drivers), protects firefighters on duty and reduces the risk of accidents.

 Hu Ying-ta, the fire chief of the Taoyuan municipality, said that whether a traffic accident occurs on attendance, on the scene of an accident or on medical treatment, it affects not only the safety of the injured and the sick but more likely to be the happiness of a family. Besides the above high Visibility ambulance jacket, vest and LED emergency warning lights to improve the visibility and safety of firefighters and ambulances, but also call on the public when there are sirens of relief vehicles or ambulances, can be polite (politely move out of the way), (so we may) work together to protect everyone's life!

Original Post: tnews.cc

Wagan Corporation would like to thank all emergency service personnel for putting their lives, skills, and training on the line to serve the people. Thank you!

See the FRED Light PRO here!


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