Butte Fire: Good Rises from the Ashes

Posted on 11/11/2015 by Justin Creative-Marketing
"2015 The Butte Fire
The Butte Fire began on September 9, 2015 in Amador County of California and spread to the neighboring Calaveras County. As the smoke cleared, 2 residents perished in the fire, 70,868 acres were burned, and a total of 863 Buildings/Structures were destroyed. One of our customers, Susanne F., owns property within this region and some of her belongings were unfortunately lost to this catastrophic event.


Our Customer’s Story
Susanne reached out to Wagan Corporation looking for some assistance in recouping one of her lost items that she worked so hard to get, a Wagan Tech Solar e Cube 1500 PLUS which was completely destroyed in the Butte Fire. She had purchased the Solar e Cube 1500 PLUS less than a month before to provide power to her property which she uses for her SF Quest Kids Mobile Camps. Unfortunately Wagan Tech did not have any Solar e Cubes 1500s available at this time. Alex Hsu, President of Wagan Corporation, hearing about Susanne’s request, felt compelled to help. The very next day Alex sent Susanne one of Wagan Tech’s Dex Solar e Chargers and a top of the line Solar e Panel 18W to help aid in the Camp’s need for power in remote areas.


"2015 Susanne's Response
This is amazing! Your generosity has brought tears to my eyes. I worked really hard to save for that Solar Cube, so to see it destroyed right away was devastating!... I'm not really sure what my new vision for the land will be, I need to see how the trees/brush will grow back, but still plan to live off grid.....and being there now, the air is really bad to breathe, so I'm just going for short visits. I would love to use the products you've offered to help keep me charged while up there!


Upon Receiving the Dex and Solar e Panel, Susanne sent another email:
I wanted to let you know that I received your products and couldn't be happier!! It feels so amazing that your company is showing such kindness. The world needs more kind people and companies like you. (Thank you) for the personal letter enclosed, it really adds to the feeling of your company really caring. In the time of Facebook, you best believe I've been raving about this to my friends!! I look forward to using these items when I head up for final debris removal and clearing of dead/burnt trees. I can already tell the Dex will come in super handy while camping, having the hook and light!! I love rechargeable items!!


Good Rises from the Ashes
"One of Wagan Corporation's goal is to use the company as a vehicle to help", stated Alex Hsu, President of Wagan Corporation. Wagan Corporation believes in Honorable business practices and being placed here to do well in the world. More important than making money is Wagan’s drive to help our fellow brothers and sisters when they are in need; a commitment to people and confirmation of Wagan's Mission Statement. This is not something that Wagan Corporation merely talks about, rather it is an action that Wagan Corporation performs.


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