Wagan's Bazaar Voice Integration for Better Customer Support

Posted on 11/2/2015 by Justin Creative-Marketing

Wagan and BazaarVoice integration


BazaarVoice gathers all of the reviews & comments from retailer sites (Homedepot.com and Walmart.com to name a few) and allows us to respond to these questions/comments on the retailer's website with a branded response directly from us (the Manufacturer). This gives our response validity while proving that Wagan Corporation believes in outstanding Customer Service as our priority. 

We have already integrated user comments, reviews, and questions from external sources such as Homedepot.com, Walmart.com, and others on to the Wagan.com website. BazaarVoice posts the comments & reviews on the Wagan.com website so that consumers and retailer alike can see everything about our products in one central location instead of needing to scour the web for additional information.

This is another avenue that will give our customers more content when visiting our site and lessen the likelihood of them needing to search for more answers elsewhere. We are striving to be your "one-stop-shop" for all things Wagan related!

Lastly, BazaarVoice reports on visitor's traffic and allows us to see what path the consumer took prior to making a purchase. This allows us to see how the consumer navigates our site and how they reach us. This can help us to ensure that our Customers find what they are looking for with the least amount of work.

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